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Cement & concrete products | Victor Timber & Fasteners


cement range
We stock a range of Cement Australia cement products

  • Builders: Cement Australia Builders Cement is a Fly Ash blended Portland cement that fully complies with the requirements of Australian Standard AS3972 – General purpose and blended cements for Type GB (General Purpose Blended) cement.
  • Concrete : Cement Australia Concrete Mix is a blend of General Purpose cement, aggregate and sand, designed for use in projects where a quality concrete is required. Good for small jobs, convenient & easy to use – Just Add Water.
  • Rapid Set: Cement Australia Rapid Set Concrete is manufactured using cement, sand and selected aggregates and additives and is formulated to harden rapidly without mixing.  Part of the ‘Just Add Water’ range, Rapid Set Concrete product is suitable for fixing fence and pergola posts, clothes lines and letterboxes.
  • PRO-50: Twice the strength of standard concrete mix, Cement Australia’s Extra Strength PRO-50 Concrete Mix is a blend of General Purpose cement, aggregate and sand,designed for use in projects where a higher quality concrete is required.
  • Sand & Cement: Cement Australia Sand & Cement is a carefully proportioned blend of graded sands and cement, designed for use as a general purpose mortar product. Sand & Cement is part of the ‘Just Add Water’ range and is used in handyman, landscaping and plumbing applications. It is also an ideal repair mortar suitable for use with various substrates.
  • Mortar Mix: A quality blend of cement, graded sand and hydrated lime that’s ideal for small jobs.  It covers 20 house bricks or 10 masonry blocks per 20kg bag (10mm mortar joint). (NEW TO OUR RANGE)