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Want to know more about Laserlite?

Laserlite® is the only polycarbonate corrugated sheet product in Australia featuring Advanced Weatherguard™ technology, a special protective material that is warranted to

• Extend the life of the sheet by up to 50%#

• Maintain sheet colour and clarity up to 50% longer#

• Provide 99.9% protection from UV rays up to 50% longer#

• Resist 25% larger hailstones#

With unrivalled technology and superior performance, it’s clear why Laserlite® is part of the Australian outdoor lifestyle.

Comfort Cool™ keeps you cool and comfortable.

Laserlite 3000 is the only polycarbonate roofing product to feature Comfort Cool™ Technology, special properties in the sheet that reflect the warming effect of the sun’s rays to offer:

• Up to 50% better heat reduction than standard corrugated sheet#

• Reduced glare for ultimate comfort

# As compared to some other polycarbonate corrugated sheet products.

Easy to install, Laserlite® has a quality range of accessories to make your installation complete and ensure a professional finish.